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What is Sewer Camera Inspection?

Sewer Camera Inspection is a modern method used by Vortex Plumbing to examine the inside of sewer lines and drains without having to dig up your yard. By using special cameras, we can see inside your pipes to find blockages, cracks, and other problems. This technique is very accurate, helping us identify exactly where the issues are and the best way to fix them.

In the second part of the inspection, we focus on understanding the cause of these issues. Whether it’s tree roots growing into the pipes or a build-up of debris, identifying the root cause enables us to recommend the most effective repairs. This approach not only fixes the immediate problem but also helps prevent future issues, ensuring your sewer system works well for years to come.

Why Choose Vortex Plumbing?

At Vortex Plumbing, we pride ourselves on providing reliable, high-quality sewer camera inspection services. Our team of professionals is fully licensed and has years of experience in the plumbing industry. We use the latest technology to ensure that our inspections are thorough and detailed, giving you a clear understanding of your sewer system’s condition.

Our commitment to customer service sets us apart. We take the time to explain our findings and recommend the best solutions for your specific situation. With Vortex Plumbing, you can expect a smooth and straightforward experience, with clear communication and professional advice at every step of the process.

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The Benefits of Sewer Camera Inspection

Choosing a Sewer Camera Inspection can save you time and money by catching problems early before they turn into expensive repairs. This preventative approach means you can fix small issues before they lead to big headaches, like major leaks or blockages. It’s a smart way to take care of your property and avoid emergency plumbing situations.

Another advantage is the non-invasive nature of the inspection. We can check your pipes without any digging, which means your yard stays intact, and there’s no mess to clean up afterward. This method is not only quicker but also more environmentally friendly, making it a preferred choice for many homeowners and businesses.

Our Process

Our sewer camera inspection process starts with a conversation to understand your concerns and what you need from us. We then use our advanced camera equipment to thoroughly inspect your sewer lines. These cameras send back live images, allowing us to see inside your pipes in real-time and identify any issues quickly.

After the inspection, we’ll provide you with a detailed report of our findings, including any problems we’ve found and our recommendations for fixing them. We believe in transparency and will walk you through the report to ensure you understand everything and can make informed decisions about your next steps.

Addressing Common Sewer Problems

Our sewer camera inspections frequently uncover common issues like blockages from tree roots or accumulated debris, and damage to pipes. Identifying these problems early is key to preventing more significant issues down the line. We offer targeted solutions, such as clearing blockages or repairing damaged sections of pipe, to address these problems effectively and efficiently.

Our goal is to resolve your sewer problems with minimal disruption to your life. By using the latest technology and techniques, we can fix most issues quickly, restoring your sewer system to good working order. Trust Vortex Plumbing to keep your plumbing flowing smoothly with our expert sewer camera inspection services.

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Scheduling an inspection is easy, and taking this step can save you from future plumbing emergencies. Let us help you maintain a healthy and efficient sewer system. Call us today to book your inspection and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your plumbing is in expert hands.

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Jeff Stein
Jeff Stein
Deep was very professional & super fast to replace our garbage disposal. He was very responsive when I called that day & he came right out to fix. Much appreciated & would highly recommend Deep & Vortex Plumbing to anyone who needs great service.
Rental Management
Rental Management
Deep had worked with me on a number of houses and I have really enjoyed working with him. He doesn't over charge or upsell me like most of the big plumbing vendors, and he focused on my needs.
Abhishek Sanghvi
Abhishek Sanghvi
The plumber was very responsive and helped resolve the issue pretty quickly with our gas line into the stove. They even came for a follow-up when we had our new stove installed as the installers weren't able to do it.
Jun Takata
Jun Takata
They replaced the toilet. They are friendly and polite. I am very satisfied with their work.
Michael Lightstone
Michael Lightstone
We used vortex several times for installing a new power flush toilet, fixing a leak and unclogging a blocked sewer line. Was able to coordinate over text messages. Plumbers were courteous and professional.
Called and left a message and got a call back the same day. Switched to texting back and forth which was great because I could send photos of my leaking hose bibb and they let me know my options before coming out for an onsite check and bid. Crew that came next day was great and fixed my issues. Will definitely use Vortex again.
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